Don Wuan, Don Qui-Gon

Need to take your mind off of the stress of the past 48 hours? We understand. So take a deep breath, clear your mind, and go play this week's quizly goodness. No stress, no calamity, no dark rumblings of the oncoming apocalypse, just pure wholesome quiz. It's just what the doctor ordered... although maybe not the dentist.

Go. Play. Take Quiz.

PS - Want to see some old quizzes for funsies? Check out the past few weeks:

Dill, Will, Drill, Quill

Halfway through October and no end in sight! What can stave of the madness of this eternal season? Well, I suppose there's the knowledge that it's only two weeks to go, but also there's a quiz out there that needs playing! Go on, you can do it! Otherwise there might be problems. Dangerous problems.

...or I might just eat this guy.

And as a bonus, here are last week's answers!

Go. Play. Take Quiz.