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LiveJournal's Daily Quiz
Though named daily, it is weekly. Behold the first mystery.
22nd-Dec-2014 11:26 am - LJ Daily Answers: 22 December 2014
...ok, I got nothing. We're about forever months late and life has been cheeky and let's see what we have here and maybe 2015 will be better. Sorry everyone...

Heeeeeeere we finally go!Collapse )
8th-Oct-2014 08:21 am - Reminder Thursday, Six Days Later
...yeah, ok, so timing hasn't been my strong point lately. But we can do this together, like teamwork, or murder. Wait, not that last one. I meant macrame. Yes.

Did you know that there's a quiz waiting to be played? It's true! And like all true things, you should go and take advantage of them while they're still around. After all, the truth is hard to find nowadays. Like unicorns. So go out there and play the quiz while it's still hot. Unleash your inner funny. Release the hounds. Release the kraken!

Go. Play. Take Quiz.
30th-Sep-2014 10:19 am - LJ Daily Quiz: 30 September 2014
Yes, it's been a while. Sometimes work grabs you by the horns and rides you into the sunset. Usually that's not pretty. But we're back with a super-fun-sized quiz for everyone! You've got a month and a half of funny built up; let's put it to good use.

1. Fun with lyrics! Name the song and the artist:
Like a song of love that clings to me,
How the thought of you does things to me.
Never before
Has someone been more...

2. Malcolm X and Captain Kirk take an hour and a half to stop a train. What movie is this?

3. The International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation evolved in 1946 into which organization?

4. What television show was originally billed as Ian Fleming's Solo?

5. Mark William Calaway is better known by which stage name?

6. Agent Neville Flynn teaches Detective John Hartigan to be a superhero. What movie is this?

7. According to the song, where was the Minnow shipwrecked?

8. What was the best-selling novel of the 19th century?

9. What superhero's alter ego was the humble Shoeshine Boy?

10. What was the most unexpected thing that's happened to you lately?
7th-Aug-2014 10:36 am - Reminder Post Is Remindful
Obviously I never could get the hang of Thursdays. So you all should make up for my mixed up mind and go play this week's mega-quiz. It's quizalicious, as always, and full of nine vitamins and iron. Print it out and eat it today; your body will thank you.

As always, no reminder is complete without the requisite fuzzy creature:

Go. Play. Take Quiz.
5th-Aug-2014 09:40 am - LJ Daily Quiz: 5 August 2014
1. Dennis Quaid enters Martin Short in which 80's sci-fi comedy?

2. Jan, Jace, and Blip were all sidekicks for which cartoon character?

3. Isaac Clarke is the main character in which video game series?

4. ^H or Ctrl-H was the control code to indicate what keyboard function?

5. What Games Workshop board game pits a team of Space Marine Terminators against a Genestealer horde on a derelict spaceship?

6. Fun with lyrics! Name the song and the artist:
We touch I feel a rush
We clutch it isn't much
But it's enough to make me wonder what's in store for us
It's lust, it's torturous

7. A red stapler is mentioned repeatedly in which 1999 film?

8. Fran, Danny, Roy, and Baxter the Clown were all characters from which children's show?

9. Fun with lyrics! Name the song and the artist:
I told you 'bout living in the U.S. of A.
Don't you know that I'm a gangster of love
Let me tell you people that I found a new way
And I'm tired of all this talk about love

10. If you were travelling through the universe, what spacefaring vessel (I'd say real or fictional, but let's assume fictional) would you use? Why?
Well, since I didn't post a reminder for last week's quiz, we'll use this space as a reminder to go play this week's quizly goodness. And, as a bonus, we can have the answers to the "fake quiz" I posted back in June. Sorry about all this delay; I went on vacation and then took some time to catch up. It's been a busy summer.

Look, monkeys!

(Yes, that's a much much MUCH younger me. Yes, I'm on the left. Shut up.)

Heeeeeere we go with fake quiz!Collapse )
21st-Jul-2014 11:54 am - LJ Daily Quiz: 21 July 2014
Ok, yes, it's been a bit of time. Got caught up in life and vacation and stuff. But we're not dead yet! I'm just pining for the fjords.

1. What is the real name of the X-Man known as Cyclops?

2. Who was the author of the "Waverley Novels", which held widespread popularity in Europe in the 1800s?

3. What science-fiction author has used such pseudonyms as "Byron Walley" and "Noam D. Pellume"?

4. During the 1992 Summer Olympics, which player wore #8 on the United States Basketball "Dream Team"?

5. The Terra Nova Expedition culminated with the death of which British explorer?

6. James Doohan and Simon Pegg both have played which fictional character?

7. The Gold Cup is a horse race that takes place in which British town?

8. Franklin D. Roosevelt owned a dog named Fala. What breed of dog was it?

9. One of William Shakespeare's plays is considered cursed, and its name is not spoken. What phrase is often used in its place?

10. What is the Latin translation for "Nouvelle-Écosse"?

11. What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited? What is the least beautiful?
27th-Jun-2014 11:25 am - ...wait, what day is it?
Well bugger me bollocks, I seem to have forgotten to post a quiz this week. Like Ray Charles, I did not see this coming.

So next week we'll just have to have a larger-than-average quiz. Or maybe lots of smallish quizzes. Or something.

Here's a practice quiz, just to give you something to do this weekend:

1. Whoops! You just got turned into a non-human animal. What are you now?

2. Yowzers! You're on trial! What crime are you being accused of? What crime did you actually commit?

3. Zoiks! Now you're being hunted by some kind of monster or mythical beast. What's after you? Why? Does it get you? If so, what does it do to you?


5. Maybe there aren't. How many lights are there? Where are you that has all these damn lights? What the hell is going on?

See you soon!
20th-Jun-2014 12:01 pm - Lagomorphs Jump; Duckomorphs Quack
If you're all here, then you survived last week's Friday the Thirteenth and all the unluck associated with it. This is good, in accordance with the prophecy. To fulfill our great destiny, one must play this week's glorious quizfulness so as to achieve enlightenment and understanding. Or at least humor and chuckling. Because it's all good.

Go. Play. Take Quiz.
18th-Jun-2014 09:31 am - LJ Daily Quiz: 18 June 2014
1. Cockburn Town is the capital of what archipelago?

2. European politician Mustafa Kemal was eventually given which last name in 1934?

3. What lake in Kenya has also been called Lake Rudolf, the Jade Sea, and Basso Narok?

4. What confection does the White Witch offer to Edmund Pevensie when they first meet?

5. What is the common name for Cathartes aura?

6. You can build your own house! Describe it! What makes it special?
13th-Jun-2014 09:33 am - Luck? Not today, folks!
Reminder Thursday has taken a nap in favor of Reminder Friday The Thirteenth. Is that good luck or bad luck? I say make your own luck! Play this week's quiz today and beat the odds! Do you feel lucky, punk? There's no fate but what you make. Understanding is a three-edged sword. The odds are ever in your favor. Press your luck. No whammies.

Here's a lucky kitten for the day:

Go. Play. Take Lucky Quiz.
10th-Jun-2014 11:13 am - LJ Daily Quiz: 10 June 2014
1. You just won Johnny Depp in a poker game, and in return he's going to mack on your sister. What movie are you in?

2. What US state capital was previously known as Harrisburg, Pilzburg, and Rockwell?

3. Fun with lyrics! Name the song and the band:
She's the wildest hon in the wild kingdom
She's the wildest thang to float down
Well there's alligators and razorbacks,
But I don't care, I like to go down tubin' with you

4. The founder of Samsung Group also was the first publisher of which Korean newspaper?

5. What actress played the motherly role in both "Lassie" and "Lost in Space"?

6. What are your plans for the summer?
Let's June it up here! All June all the time! No June like the present! So let's make the most of June and play this week's June quiz! Be all that June can be! June one for the Gipper!

Apologies to anyone named June. Or Joon. Or Jun. Here's an animal picture:

Go. Play. Take June Quiz.
3rd-Jun-2014 09:20 am - LJ Daily Quiz: 3 June 2014
1. What computer game villain was the son of Angus and Katherine Mengsk?

2. Michael Keaton stars as a "bio-exorcist" in which film?

3. A great deal of the technology in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy universe is produced by which corporation?

4. Marvel comics character Lorna Dane is better known by which moniker?

5. Raccoons belong to which genus of mammals?

6. If you could visit any fictional outer-space location, where would you go? What would you want to do there?
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