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LJ Daily Answers: 28 May 2007

Whomsoever draws this quiz from this internets shall be ruler of all England.

1. Where did Kubla Khan "a stately pleasure dome decree"?

People who know this thanks to Olivia Newton-John: 10
People who know this thanks to Rush: the_wanlorn

"Mm... pleasure domes..." - akiyasan

"How many people are going to say, 'IN MY PANTS!'?" - scyllacat

(4. -CV)

"Bartertown?" - siinik

(Master Blaster and six others went with you to Thunderdome. -CV)

"Amsterdam of course. Where else." - gwenhyffar

"Epcot Center is near Orlando, Florida. Izzat the one you meant?" - thepikey

"Obviously the White House. It's stately, it's a dome, and everyone gets pleasure! Clinton got oral sex, Bush gets to fuck the entire world..." - woap

"canada. and then brian boitano built pyramids. and beat up kubla khan. 'cause brian boitano doesn't take shit from anyyyyyybodyyyyy..." - faceless_wonder

(+1, South Park: BLU. -CV)

"Xanax. (You want a pleasure dome? That shit will fuck you up.) " - csmeward

"That's the most boring of the Khans!!! Why go for Kublha when we have Genghis, Chaka and 'KHHHHHHHAAAAAAAN'?" - killabee886

"I was in a company with a guy named Khan... drove me nuts, because whenever I was frustrated at anything I did the proper geeky call of anger, 'KHAAAAN!'... but then people would look at me and go, 'What'd Khan do? Why are you mad at him?' *sigh* The Army lacks geeks." - shinga

"Thanks a lot, LJDQ, for reminding me of the agonizing weeks I was beta-reading my husband's thesis on 'Occurrences of Iambic Pentameter in the Complete Works of Five Romantic Poets -- Coleridge, Keats, Byron, Wordsworth and Blake'. Yes, it was as boring as the title makes it sound." - germankitty

(I think I ruptured a kidney just reading that title. -CV)

"While we're here, let's check and see if Samuel Coleridge has started working on Kubla Kahn yet. *knock knock*" - syrazemyla

(And she forgot the Oxford Comma in that beta. – LL)

"I wouldn't mind a pleasure dome. It's not just guys who are into the whole harem concept. " - shadowkeeper

"xanadu! bet coleridge never thought an uneducated peasant like me would know his works. and he'd be right, i hate coleridge, but anything starting with "in Xanadu did kubla khan, a stately pleasure dome decree" has got to be taught as a warning on how *not* to write peotry... " - roscrea

Correct Answer: Xanadu

"Where Alf the sacred alien ran
Through seasons measureless to man
Down to syndicated TV." - 3jane

2. What British pop band featuring Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding was briefly known as the Dukes of Stratosphear?

"TLC! " - tzeentch

"The Dukes Of The Van Allin Belt. Sadly, I learned of the Van Allen Belt via QUASAR and NICK FURY comic books. Geek alert! " - lots42

(At least you don't think it can catch fire 'cause it did in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. - LL)

"Sting" – a whole lot of ya.

"Hey! It's a British-centric question! After all the Ameri-centric ones I had no idea about because I'm English I can now say... I still have no idea. Crap. " - crystalcazzie

"Sexual Chocolate! *drops mic and walks away*" - i_calql8

"I'm too distracted by British names to give an answer. Seriously, that second guy's named after decorative wood trimming!" - schizospider

"If my name was Partridge my band would be called Partridge and the Pear Trees." - mcclintock

(But your name is mcclintock, so your band is McClintock & the ... -AL)
(Eastwoods? -CV)
(Flintlocks? -LL)
(Clinticks? -AL)
(Yeah, we got nuthin'. -CV)

"Stratosphear sounds like it should be in 1337. 5trat0sph33r." - lyme

"The Dukes of Dork" - wiredwizard

(Not a fan. -AL)

"Oh, the agony and the XTC!" - paradoxotaur

"Dear God,
Although my senses are working overtime, my spellchecker isn't. So since Nigel and the Mayor of Simpleton both say 'Stratosphear' is wrong, we'll just use some TLA.
XTC" - mark_laura

Correct Answer: XTC

3. What is the catchphrase of Stan Lee (and, by coincidence, the state motto of New York)?

"The state motto of NY came from STAN LEE???? ROCK! " - siobhan1214

(See 'coincidence'. Learn it, live it, love it. – CV&AL&LL)

"EXCELSIOR!!!!!!! Onward and upward!! Seriously, as a NYC geek, you just made me explode out of my chair. " - vermillionsun

(eww. – LL)

""New Jersey Looks Better Every Second"" - oleander_sky

(Damn skippy – CV&LL)

"IT'S THE COPS! CHEESE IT! And if it isn't it should be. " - niroby

"I had a really witty reply worked up for this one, but then I remembered that Stan Lee and Bruce Lee aren't the same person, and now it doesn't apply. " - butterfly_wings

"< maniacal laughter > "Tough shit, loser! You signed over ALL the rights for that character to ME!!!!" < /maniacal laughter >" - blindgeoff

"*taxi whistle*" - marasca

"Fuggedaboutit!" - etumukutenyak

(If you take the BQE (I-278 W) to the Verrazano Bridge, you will see a "Leaving Brooklyn" sign that says "Fuggedaboutit" on it. Cracks me up every time. -AL)

"Ooo, losing geek *and* New York cred, all in one convenient question." - illogicalvulcan

"Excelsior! I used to know a lot of state mottoes. Idaho's is 'It Is Perpetual', which doesn't actually make any sense, but nevertheless beats the hell out of my own home state's, which is 'Friendship.' At least our state song is pretty good." - elsajeni

(In my book, anyone with an opinion on their state song deserves the Geek of the Week Award. -AL)

"'Excelsior'! It was almost 'Face Front, True Believer', but DeWitt Clinton rejected this motto in 1807." - billfl

Correct Answer: Excelsior

4. What word describes a thermodynamic process or reaction that releases energy in the form of heat?

"The only thermodynamics buzzword I remember from high school is entropy, and I only remember that it proves that the universe as a whole is as lazy as I am." - schizospider

"Exothermia. Endothermic's the other way round. Mmm, speak physics to me, baby, give me the formulae! " - dracothelizard

"Menopause" - thepikey

"Screw it - I failed physics like whoa. " - fantom07

"Isn't that called "heating stuff up?" " - stgreyhounds

"Burnination!" - marasca

"Lust. Nagasaki has nothing over the look that the girl in the burlesque show gave me." - lustforlike

"exothermic...because in this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics! " - faceless_wonder

(+1, The Simpsons – CV&LL)

"I thought that would be "exothermic," but that doesn't fit this week's theme. " - david_deacon

(::headdesk:: - CV&AL&LL)

"Sex. " - tickle_smoosh, wint3rhart

Correct Answer: Exothermic

5. The very first WrestleMania match, way back in 1985, pitted Tito Santana against which masked villain?

"Strongbad" - confusedpuppy & more

"Tito? Santana? shouldn't wrestling people have fun and exciting names? This one sounds like a sissy girly drink. " - b_hulsmans

"Doctor Doom? Cobra Commander? V? " - syrazemyla

"I request an exemption on the grounds that I was a fetus at the time and as such did not get cable. (I did get broadcast networks, though. Watched a lot of Jeopardy!.) " - elsajeni

(Denied. Next! – LL)

"You're assuming I even cared about wrestling in 1985. But based on the theme, which is slowly dawning on me, it must be the one and only Mr. X. He married Ms. Y, and they had (x2+2xy+y2) kids. This answer brought to you in honor of i_calql8." - etumukutenyak

"Jerry Falwell" - david192

"" - sskipstress

(What is this picture supposed to even mean? Why the trombone? Man, I just don't get it. -CV)

"Exoskeletor. After he got his ass whooped by He-Man for the 40th episode in a row, he headed to the WWE. Cans of whoop-ass were opened. Soon he headed to MLB, where, on his first at bat, he was beaned by Twins pitcher Johan Sanatana. Exoskeletor's estate requests we not discuss his foray into latino pop music. Shortly before taking his own life, he wrote a suicide note saying 'And I would have succeeded if it weren't for those meddling kids!'" - illogicalvulcan

"I spy with my little eye, a wrestler beginning with 'X'. An Ex-wrestler! Someone who's given up writhing around half naked on a mat with other men for a more respectable way of earning a living -- running a pub or a casino or a whorehouse." - hugh_mannity

"Ah, I remember when wrestling was good and not a weird soap opera. Still as fake as the moon landing, of course, but fun." - crystalcazzie

"The Executioner. That card also featured Cyndi Lauper, Muhammad Ali, and Mr. T. Man, I love 80's wrestling flashbacks." - whiski_sour

"The Executioner, but that was HARDLY the main event! That was Andre the Giant slamming the so-called 'unslammable' Johnny the Stud. Ah, memories of a youth misswell spent." - gwenhyffar

Correct Answer: The Executioner

6. If you had a treasure to hide, what would it be and where would you hide it?

"I would hide it under a coconut tree. About thirty feet away I would paint a big black X on the ground, and when you started digging it, it would launch a thousand fiery arrows to skewer you for being a dick and trying to steal my treasure. " - the_wanlorn

"If I told ya, it wouldn't be hidden anymore, would it? " - iamza

(Foiled again! – CV&AL&LL)

"regardless of what my treasure is, I would hide it right along side of all those Weapons of Mass Destruction. I mean hey, they must be pretty well hidden right?" - jigawattica

"My treasure would be a statue made of some rare and precious metal or stone, in the shape of something with a disturbing amount of tentacles. " - cjtremlett

"No treasure per se, but you could describe me as a dog looking for someplace to bury his bone. " - thepikey

"i saw an ad once for a $1300 sterling silver vibrator. i'd adopt it as my treasure, and hide it in my toybox. arrrrr. " - faceless_wonder

(Oh my… - LL)

"I'd find a delicate golden chest to bury away my heart's innocence before FUCKING WOMEN TORE IT OUT AND STOMPED IT INTO --- THUMP *muffled noises*" - fizrep

"in a DOG PROOF BOX! what ever it was, it would be in a dog proof box. i long for a dog proof box, nothing works, he's the stupidest dog in the world but he gets inside *everything* just to check if there's something tasty in it. in fact, my treasure would be a husband proof box inside a dog proof box. and i'd put nothing inside, i'd have it just to drive them mad! " - roscrea

"IN ME BOOTY, ARRRRR. On second thought, the idea of a deep cavity search is not very fun, so I'm gonna be totally boring and say 'in a savings account where it can be gainin me interest, arr'. " - lyme

"I'm CR 15, so I'd have a +1 valorous spell-storing greataxe, +2 light fortification mithril breastplate, a ring of spell-storing III, and a wand of cure serious wounds. And I'd hide it in a bag of holding. " - syrazemyla

(I proudly bestow upon thee the Geek of the Week Award. Stick thy -1 in that Bag of Holding – LL)

(How many Geeks of the Week do we have this week? -CV)

"Who'd think of looking *under the catbox?! " - wiredwizard

"My treasure is drbear and I keep him in my heart! " - tweeti

(Awww… :*) – LL)

"Doubloons, of course, 'cuz it's fun to say! And they'd be in my pantaloons! " - mark_laura

The theme was X. And X marks the spot. By some amazing coincidence, Pirates of the Caribbean opened this weekend, and really, X Marks The Spot was totally unrelated. Also, mmm, ham.

Hope all you Americans had a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend and that you did something suitable Memorial Day-ish. Everyone else, Haa haa, it's Monday, you're at work and we're not! Unless you're young, in which case, whatever, Haa haa at you too.

Tune in tomorrow for more quizly goodness! Thanks for playing, as always, and see you tomorrow!

Rock On!

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