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LiveJournal's Daily Quiz
Though named daily, it is weekly. Behold the first mystery.
LJ Daily Quiz: 10 June 2014 
10th-Jun-2014 11:13 am
1. You just won Johnny Depp in a poker game, and in return he's going to mack on your sister. What movie are you in?

2. What US state capital was previously known as Harrisburg, Pilzburg, and Rockwell?

3. Fun with lyrics! Name the song and the band:
She's the wildest hon in the wild kingdom
She's the wildest thang to float down
Well there's alligators and razorbacks,
But I don't care, I like to go down tubin' with you

4. The founder of Samsung Group also was the first publisher of which Korean newspaper?

5. What actress played the motherly role in both "Lassie" and "Lost in Space"?

6. What are your plans for the summer?
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