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LJ Daily Answers, 24 April 2006.

"Due to my being slammed with finals, my robotic doppleganger will be answering for me this week. *fiddles with controls on Robo-Me, sets 'funneh' to maximum value*" - jessicamariek

Hey, if that actually works, we could replace ALL of you with robots! An army of Robo-Quizlings! Why, with that sort of army under our command, we could- hmmmmm. Somehow I don't imagine that such an army would be all that effective at world domination. Curses!

Anyway, this week it's almost all AL with very little CV. He's off on vacation, visiting magical lands over the sea & drinking like a fish. Never fear, he'll be back & somewhat sobered up in time for the next round.

1. Lyrics time!

"I am the modern man
Who hides behind a mask
So no one else can see
My true identity"

What is the name of the song and the name of the band that performed it?

(Hordes of Michael Jackson jokes here. I, for one, did not anticipate that. -AL)

"Introspection by V & the Vendettas." - wiredwizard, mrfishes
"I hear their lead singer is a real Fawkes." - i_calql8

(OK, that pun is actually pretty clever. -AL)

"Sting? In all seriousness, this week our pub quiz team successfully answered when 'The Dream of the Blue Turtles' was released thanks to the LJDQ. I would never have known had it not been for our glorious mods and their slightly obsessive fixation with the Tantric One." - jonem

"That lesser known robot, Emo-tron." - crystalcazzie

"It rings a bell, but Hubby has had all knowledge of cheesy 80's bands excised from my brain (although I've hidden Def Leppard and Journey deep in the 'Womanly Problems' drawer where he'll never find them. Oh, Steve Perry how I doth love thy voice...)." - lovellama

"'Mr. Roboto' by incredibly flagrant Diet Queen band, STYX. DOMO!" - unlimitedblack

"And now I have the song playing through my head. Curse my internal jukebox!" - beckyh2112

(You seem like you're pretty new to the LJDQ, so we will repeat advice from an earlier quiz: music by the Bangles will cure mental song-looping. Don't ask us how or why; we're just reporting results. -AL&CV)

(And don't ask us what to do if you're looping a Bangles song. -CV&AL)

"Mr. Roboto! I sing that song to my Japanese friends to seem cultured and interesting. Then one day they punched me in the throat." - marseverlasting

"My 5 foot something female Japanese professor, when introducing the phrase 'thank you' shook her head and said: 'I'm a sure you are familiya with that terrwible song... what it called? Mr. Robot? Oh, so terrwible. It makes me want to kick someone when I hear it.'" - paradoxotaur

Correct Answer: "Mr. Roboto" by Styx.

"Cant.... help.... self.... *does the robot*" - marilyth

"I'm going to see them next month, in concert with REO Speedwagon. I call it the Rockin' Chair Tour." - elbiesee

2. What is a device used to transfer electric energy from one circuit to another, usually with the effect of changing voltage, called?

"All I know about electricity is that if you lick the sockets in the wall it does not taste like cotton candy no matter what the mean kid in preschool tells you." - altoidsaddict
"That would be a 'metal knife', slid into the top openings of a toaster to dislodge a stubborn piece of toast." - pyllgrum
"Me, when I have one hand in the sink and the other on a stovetop with a short in the wiring. Boy talk about knock you flat on your ass." - ginalin

(The idea of an army of Robo-Quizlings seems worse & worse. -AL)

"I find that a cattle prod transfers electric energy in a manner that suits my needs quite nicely." - hardly_angelic

"A flux capacitor!" - green_queen, paradoxotaur, deltashade, pewter_alyssum, mcrunner03

(You five have to split the +1 for the Back To The Future reference. -AL)

"Johnny Five! Is alive!" - alliterator

(Whereas you can have your +1 for Short Circuit all to yourself. -AL)

"A thingamabob." - elbiesee, jenlittlebottom
"Why is isn't it 'thingamajack', anyway?" - germankitty

"Plug?" - kokopellinelli
"...a wire?" - v827

(Bless your simple hearts. -AL)

"I built a robot once, and we used those! But I dont remember what they're called... Reductors? In any case, my robot was badass. It was solar powered, and it rolled around in a circle." - ooyoumasha

"I don't know, but in keeping with the robot theme, I'm gonna tell you to 'bite my shiny metal ass'." - lyme

(Full credit. -AL)

"Transformers! More than meets the eye. I want to see Optimus Prime sitting on a telephone pole maintaining the flow of electricity across the countryside." - sskipstress

"LJDQ! More than meets the eye!
LJDQ! Learning in disguise!

Quizlings wage their battle
To destroy the evil forces
Of the ZOMBIE DOOOOOOOOOG!" - thechinesecurse

"I'm still miffed that we never learned about Decepticons in electrical engineering school." - nakedblueninja

Correct Answer: Transformer.

3. What title is shared by an anthology of short stories by Isaac Asimov and an action movie starring Will Smith?

"Are you sure it wasn't an anthology of short stories by Will Smith, and an action movie starring Issac Asimov?" - hardly_angelic

(We're sure. -AL&CV)

"I, Robot (or the famous pirate version Arrr, Robot....or the spanish TV version Aye! Robot)" - ghostrider65
"Or as it's called in Scotland 'Aaaaayyyyyeee Robot'" - richcsigs

"You, Monkey" - mmmpie3001

"Sadly, there is no I, Robot rap, probably because the producers heard Will Smith trying to rhyme something with 'positronic' and were traumatised." - cobweb_diamond

(Here's plantingseeds filling in for Will Smith. -AL)

"Yo Yo I destroyin bots, lets see what they gots, attackin humanity? Gotta deal wit me! Cause I, Robot! (I ROBOT!) I, Robot! (I ROBOT!)" - plantingseeds


(I'm glad that ghymoreid & spatialrift47 know that Maddox rules. -AL)

"I bet you could have made a fairly handy dynamo generator out of Asimov's body when that movie came out." - cmseward

"Square root of -1, Robot" - pocket_size_g

(What a surprising way to find our Geek of the Week! Here's your i-squared. -AL)

"iRobot, coming from Apple." - deltashade
"...which comes only in white, and now can be dual booted with Windows." - conglacio
"Apple was horribly stupid not to use it for product replacements. iRobots with iTunes and iPods and an iBook! iCan see it now!" - thomas_small

"I, Robot, since technically the movie was 'inspired by' the book. Kind of like how Troy was 'inspired by' the Iliad. And Snape/Hagrid tentacle mpreg is 'inspired by' Harry Potter." - nextian

(Holy crap, that last example was ample payback for posting the photo of the zombie dog. Yeccch! -AL)

Correct Answer: I, Robot.

4. Who uttered the famous line "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!"?

"You mean aside from every sci-fi-loving geek EVAR? And yes, I include myself in that number." - mamajoan

"me, last time my best buddy got an offer from the resident bar ho." - nakedblueninja

"Everyone who ever tried to keep me from doing something cool with a propane torch and a can of oven cleaner." - sweetpea86

"Was he, like, introducing someone? 'Danger, Will Robinson. Robinson, Danger.'" - pewter_alyssum

"I remember my dad making a snow-robot-man with the cunning use of a giant trashcan as a mold for the body and he put laser pointers in the head as eyes and used slinkys to make arms and he built the whole thing on top of a pair of skateboards. Then he chased my brother (who is named Will) around the yard shouting 'danger Will Robinson' and waving the slinky arms until one of the skateboards slipped out from under and the whole thing and all the snow and slinky appendages flipped over onto poor Will. Apparently the real danger was my dad." - morganashkevron

"That garbage can thing with flailing arms. Hooks for hands. Might have been a pirate." - whiski_sour

"The Lost in Space robot. I think it's name was just Robot. How creative. They can come up with a show about people being shot into space with a robot but they can't bother naming the damn thing? American ingenuity. No wonder we are boned." - nunshavingfun

"Now there's something I might actually watch---the cast of Lost, in space. Not in a spaceship or anything, no need for suits, just floating. Of course, it would have a pretty short run, but I'm okay with that." - mrfishes

"'The' Robot? You mean the one who someone took the time to catalog every insult ever hurled at him by Dr. Smith?" - captainsblog

(Wow, hard-core SF fans have a lot of time on their hands, don't they? -AL)

"Wasn't that show supposed to take place in 1997? Well, it's almost 10 years later and I want to know where my awesome 1950's retro-style personal robot is." - lyme

Correct Answer: OK, this one was a bit of a trick question. This line was made famous by the robot from Lost In Space. But that robot never had a name. Blame chaosvizier.

"I'd have let that little punk Will die." - lovellama

5. After Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday, Hank Henshaw impersonated the Man of Steel in what form?

"Superman's dead? But... but... but... *cries*" - azure_dragon
"Goddamnit, you just ruined the end of the movie for me." - skfromstamford

(Oops. -AL)

"Has anyone ever died and stayed dead in comics? I've been reading comics since I was eleven, and I've never seen it happen." - cjtremlett

"The Man of Steel is dead? So lets weld him into a nice fireplace ornament. Or a racing car." - honeyguide

"Evil!Superman, now with goatee." - ANONYMOUS

"Bizarro" - droptheleash622, akiyasan, v827

(I hate the Bizarros. -CV)

"I am Iron Man..." - ankhet, deltashade

(Good song, but alas, Iron Man was Marvel comics. -CV)

"I kind of liked the John Henry take on it. Plus, he had a hammer that said bad motherfucker on it." - fizrep

"Kettle. Because kettles always look so innocent, but deep down, we know they seethe with hatred for the human race. They just pretend to be using electricity to heat the water to boiling point, but in truth, it is their all-consuming ire." - ewacat

(You don't drink much tea, do you? - CV)

"All I know about Doomsday is that he thought that barf orange and leaf green were a viable color combination for his evil villian wardrobe. Someone needed to draw in some fashion sense. Although to be fair, Superheros and Supervillians are not known for their ability to dress themselves. 'No, Superman. How many times do I have to tell you. Your undies go on UNDER your pants!' You'd think that with super hearing, he could have heard his mother tell him that." - chrysoberyl

"My husband was just talking about this with regards to the whole death of Superman, four people taking over for Superman, one of whom being Superboy, who just got killed off because DC lost a lawsuit with the heirs of Jerry Siegel over the rights of, convoluted sentence, there. Ahem. Sorry." - setauuta

"" - scifantasy

"His slightly more orange-y form, 'The Man of Rust.' He thought if he had a tan, he'd look less corpselike." - barbarienne

"A cyborg. But his nefarious ploy was quickly discovered. He tipped people off by singing 'I am, I am Superman!' while flying around." - marasca

(Last night I saw a concert & the opening act was an REM cover band. The lead singer called himself Michael Stipend. It was far more horrible than you are imagining. -AL)

Correct Answer: A cyborg Superman.

6. If you had a cybernetic attachment, what would it do?

"Heh. I cannot be the only person whose mind just went to a really dirty place, can I?" - crystalcazzie


# answers involving vibration, if you know what we mean: 47
# answers involving the illegal printing of currency: 9

Conclusion: Sex >> Money. -AL&CV)

"My cybernetic hand, much in the style of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader's, would slowly and methodically choke the life out of any library patron who whines about 'But why can't I have a copy of The Da Vinci Code nowwwwwwwww? The movie's coming out, and I want to reeeeeeeeeead it!'" - miladygrey

(I fully support this wish. If I had such a hand, I would give it to you. -AL)

"I'd love to have some kind of attachment that drives my car for me while I eat a package of Snoballs without getting that coconut shit all over me." - ginalin

"Did you know that 'cybernetic' derives from the Greek word for governor? And the weird part is that it was invented BEFORE Ahnuld became the governor of California. Life imitates art, art imitates life, or maybe it's just that he really is a time-travelling robot." - alexmegami


"I'd like a can opener. Very practical. Or laser pointer. Have you ever tried pointing one of those things near a cat? Total insanity. We managed to get a cat to actually run *up* a wall - I didn't think they could even do that. Plus you could blind random people in the street." - jonem

"One hand would have a bucket on it. The other one would definitely be a bullhorn." - droptheleash622

(+1, StrongBad email. -AL)

"do my laundry" - nakedblueninja
"the dishes" - morganashkevron

(Am I allowed to make a joke about- -CV)
(NO. -AL)
(Phooey. -CV)

"go-go-Gadget arms. So useful, so stylish." - ajmcoqui
"Go-Go Gadget Copter!" - v827
"I would have a cybernetic arm that would have fingers that shot things like Inspector Gadget. One would shoot pudding, another would shoot vodka, the next would be steak sauce, after that whipped cream, and the final would be silly string. It would also let me win arm wrestling tournaments and open hard-to-open packages and CDs with minimal fuss." - seraphic_slayer

"an instantaneous language translator... like a babel fish, but less... fishy." - thalionar

"One word: Death Ray. Er, two words, rather. Maybe a calculator would be better for me." - mistyraven

"I'd get a bionic swiss-army penis, and name it HAL." - paradoxotaur

"provide me with an endless supply of sushi. And Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." - photosinensis

(Well said, Locutus. Well said. -CV)

"Oddly enough I've been posed that question before, definitely new eyes, with some cool packages; Infra-red, photographic, and telescopic would be my three main choices." - fmh

"It would make a mountain out of a molehill, if you get my drift." - southbucki

(My conclusion: southbucki is size 34AAA. -CV)

"I've always wanted a tail. So, a cybernetic prehensile tail. That'd rock hardcore." - timba

"It would so kick your ass in DDR!" - akiyasan

(I assure you, you do not need a cybernetic enhancement to defeat me in DDR. -CV)


And that's it for now! CV should be back to work some time soon - & a good thing, too. You all are a rowdy bunch. We'll have a new Quiz for you tomorrow.

Rock on,

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