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LJ Daily Quiz: 25 July 2006

1. What English word, derived from the Arabic word al qutun, (also providing the Spanish word algodón) refers to the most widely used natural-fiber cloth?

2. Called "fairy floss" in Australia & "candy floss" in the UK, what is the American name for the carnival treat popularized at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair?

3. What seventeenth-century Puritan preacher wrote the book Wonders of the Invisible World (1693), defending both the belief in witchcraft as an evil magical power & his role in the Salem Witch Trials?

4. What venomous snake, usually found near streams & ponds, is sometimes called a water moccasin?

5. What 1984 movie, directed by Francis Ford Coppola & starring Richard Gere, is set in a famous Harlem jazz club?

6. Tell us about your favorite article of clothing.
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