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LiveJournal's Daily Quiz

Though named daily, it is weekly. Behold the first mystery.

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YOU DO NOT NEED POSTING ACCESS TO THIS COMMUNITY IN ORDER TO PLAY THE QUIZ. Please read the rules posted below to learn how to play.

This community hosts LiveJournal's Daily Quiz, which is presented as an homage to Dave George, the creator of the original Daily Quiz. From Dave's Q&A Page:

"The DQ started in the summer of '97, when a group of Dave George's old high school buddies started emailing each other in anticipation of their upcoming ten-year reunion. Dave started sending high school trivia questions, and his friends started responding. When he ran out of dirt from 1987, he started just making up questions about anything. Each day he'd send ten questions, and his friends would supply the answers. As his friends were (are) not particularly 'smart', their answers proved quite humorous. Word of this delicious time-waster spread, and the ranks of the DQ grew to around 400."

The DQ existed at various online venues until around late 2002. Then Dave gave it up to pursue a full-time career in stand-up comedy. If you see his name on a comedy lineup near you, go see him. And tell him Ang & Hans sent you.


1. A new Quiz will be posted every TUESDAY, usually before noon EST.

2. Answers are due by FRIDAY, midnight, your time. Please submit answers by posting them as replies to the Daily Quiz post. All replies are screened, so you will not be able to read everyone else's replies.

If you do not have a LJ account, you can still submit answers to the LJDQ. However, please give us a name by which to identify your responses. You can use your real name, online handle, nom de plume, nom de porn - it's your call.

3. The LJDQ moderators will read all submitted Daily Quiz answers, choose the best ones, add some commentary, and then compile them into the Daily Answers, which will be posted on MONDAY, usually before noon EST. Keep in mind that there really is no winning or losing the Daily Quiz by getting answers right or wrong. We pick the answers we like. Also, please don't email us to ask why your answer wasn't chosen. We're usually drinking whilst compiling the Daily Answers, so there's no point in whining about it.

If you're really curious about what kind of answers we're looking for, check out previous Daily Answers posts. That is what we have in mind. Remember: "Smart is easy, funny is hard."

4. Since this Quiz isn't about seeing which contestant is best at using Google, WEB CHEATING is not allowed. If you don't know the answer, make one up. If the moderators suspect anyone of Web Cheating, we will capriciously suspend you from the Daily Quiz for as long as it pleases us to do so (well, probably not). We will also subject you to teasing & mockery from us & others (most definitely).

5. Tell your friends to join us! The more, the merrier.

This community is moderated by angledge & chaosvizier.

NOTICE: The LJDQ features adult humor and can, on occasion, be NSFW. Read at your own discretion.

ljdq is love.

lovellama has awesome LJDQ-related icons right here. They're funny, and they're free! Just give credit to the maker if you use them.

i_calql8 has painstakingly compiled statistics on various and sundry "bonus" points that have been given since the beginning of the quiz. The big numbers are here, for those who want to know. After that, he even more painstakingly compiled statistics on total quotage by all quizlings ever. Information on that can be found here and here. Thanks, i_calql8!

"Live Journal Daily Quiz... This is the source of all that is funny. If funny could be harnassed as a power source this community would provide enough power to run earth..." - b_hulsmans

"Wow... I'm leaving for DisneyWorld in 4 hours and I think the fact that I got quoted made me happier..." - vampyr_aggie

"That's right kiddies. LJDQ is better than Prozac!" - its_what_we_are

"Oh Quiz, who art in Livejournal,
ljdq be thy name.
Let the questions be asked every Tuesday,
And the answers be seen every Monday,
And let Sting be the answer to every music question.
Give us this day our gin and pudding.
And forgive us our bad jokes,
As we make bad puns at people who slam our favourite stuff.
And lead us gladly into temptation,
Such as the Brazilian Volleyball Team picture.
So 'Go! Play! Taketh quiz!', until angledge and chaosvizier get sick of us and give us -2000000 just for taking part.
Amen." - angelikitten
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